Not too subtle NAIS in Congress

Note the good talking points below the clipped info.

Congressional Sub-Committee Attempts to Mandate NAIS 

Rep. Rose Delauro, chairwoman of the House Ag Appropriations Sub-Committee, has inserted pro-NAIS provisions into the Ag Appropriations bill for 2009. The proposed bill would require the USDA’s National School Lunch Program to only buy meat from animals registered in the National Animal Identification System (NAIS)…

…Call Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (202.225.4404): Ask Rep. Emerson to offer an amendment to strip pro-NAIS language from the House Ag Appropriations Bill. Tell Rep. Emerson that Missouri livestock producers are adamantly opposed to NAIS.

Call Rep. Rosa DeLauro (202-225-3661): Tell Rep. DeLauro to take pro-NAIS language out of House Ag Appropriations Bill.

Call Rep. Dave Obey (202.225.3365): Ask Rep. Obey to strip the pro-NAIS language from the House Ag Appropriations Bill.

NAIS Talking Points:

1. NAIS does NOTHING to address food safety issues from the processor to the simply moves the burden from corporate meat packers, who don’t follow the rules, to independent livestock producers.

2. Missouri’s Family Farmers believe it is extremely important to ensure consumer confidence in the safety and health of the U.S. food supply while at the same time ensuring the economic viability of independent livestock producers.But NAIS does not meet the needs of producers or consumers.

3. The majority (>92%) of family farmers in Missouri (and the rest of the nation) are opposed to NAIS.

4. The Truth About Animal ID.: Creates an undue economic burden on producers, does not include identification of imported meats, does nothing to increase consumer choice or confidence, expands packers ability to unfairly discriminate against family farmers.


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