Monsanto: Harvest of Paranoia?

In my previous post, I allotted myself one major rant about Monsanto, and was prepared to move on. Yes, I suppose the title “Monsanto: My Arch Nemesis” was a tad provocative. Within 3 hours of posting, at least one representative of Monsanto had visited my backwater, podunk blog.

Don’t they have better things to do, like destroy the agriculture of third world countries or squash some U.S. food labeling legislation?

Following is the account of their visits; thanks to StatCounter for the fabulously detailed info:

  • Within 3 hours of going live, there was a visit from a BlackBerry in St. Louis, with an IP labeled “Monsanto”
  • 7:30 a.m. this morning, from a computer in St. Louis, IP labeled “Monsanto”
  • 9:11 a.m. from a computer in New York, IP labeled “Monsanto”
  • At 9:32 someone labeled as Husch and Eppenberger, shown coming from Plano, TX, but the link here shows them with an office in St. Louis
  • Then one more Monsanto visit at 10:16 a.m. this morning from St. Louis
  • The last relevant entry to date is from a business called Edelman PR, a public relations firm with a branch in Washington D.C.

You know, I am sure there are some wonderful people working directly and indirectly for Monsanto. It’s easy for the human brain to rationalize the body’s behavior, particularly when the idol of money is involved. I am speaking out, not unlike the Lorax, to protect seed diversity from genetic rape.

But I believe they can turn it around if they want to. I have some suggestions that might help, but I’ll have to save those for another time.

And to everyone who would LOVE to hit Monsanto in their pocketbook, I encourage those of you with Mutual Funds or 401K’s to do a little digging. Find out which companies are in those mutual funds. Pull your money out of funds which carry Monsanto. I did, and it feels good! And keep buying those heirloom seeds that haven’t had their genes raped. Say NO to Monsanto!


7 comments so far

  1. martin on

    “Control food and you control people”
    henry kissenger

    Threats without action are nothing, there is only action not reaction.
    Raping the Earth is a reaction
    Repairing the Earth is direct action

    July 4Th 1776

    It is there to throw off such government and to provide new Guards for there future security”

    “Monsanto we are watching YOU”
    Nicholas Hagger “The Syndicate”

    Janine M. Benyus “BIOMICRY Innovations Inspired by Nature”

    Be Warned: not all people are greenies and peace loving hippys eg george bush law? to bring in American troops to defend American soil from internal action

    Future of the World “The Little Green Handbook”

    MONSANTO “Go ahead MAKE MY DAY” Clint Eastwood

  2. Rita on

    Great articles. I’m sure you will develop a strong following.

  3. Karen on

    Great blog. I’m not a farmer. I don’t even have a garden and I know nothing about seeds, lol. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Since my family is on a special diet, I’m much more concerned about what is in our food. It is my dream to have my own veggie garden some day. I will definitely use the links you shared for safe seeds.

  4. Tom Reitz on

    More voices are needed to speak out against Monsanto. Have been a Weston A Price eater for over 12 years and have never been healthier! Diane, keep blogging!

  5. Diane on

    Martin: I don’t totally understand all of that, but I get the general drift. Rock on down under!

    Rita: Thank you for your kind comment!

    Karen: After I get past this political ranting phase, I hope to be offering more help for new gardeners. You can do it! I’m going to share my story how I got started 3 years ago when I get a chance; I hope it will inspire others to start.

    Tom: You’re not just whistlin’ Dixie, brother!

    I am a proponent of much of the WAP diet; I like the focus on traditional foods.

    Thanks y’all for visiting and posting!

  6. Claudia on

    May the day come when Monsanto truly reaps what they have sown! The feed store where I do business tells me that Monsanto representatives regularly come in and try to harass them into telling them who is buying their seed and who isn’t so they can go and spy on them and make sure none of THEIR seed is where it shouldn’t be; i.e, where they aren’t getting paid royalties. And didn’t you love it that when we went into Iraq, the government took all the seeds farmers had planted for generations away from them and made them plant seeds provided by Monsanto and its ilk and Monsanto promptly patented all those seeds? Or so goes the story as I’ve heard it. I mean, I wouldn’t want to get sued for libel since Monsanto is monitoring your excellent blog so closely. Keep up the good work.

  7. Diane on

    Thanks Claudia!

    Here is a well-sourced article which details Order No. 81 from 2004.

    I believe when I heard that story, it was a “straw that broke the camel’s back” sort of moment. It literally sickens me to my stomach, so I have to turn my thinking into positive energy for everyone under the grip of Monsanto, which is all of us!

    But I don’t think they have been back since…or they go on their personal home servers. I hear they’re sneaky like that 🙂

    There is some pretty good anti-Monsanto talk going on over at myspace and really all over the web! Viva real seeds!

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