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Monsanto: Harvest of Paranoia?

In my previous post, I allotted myself one major rant about Monsanto, and was prepared to move on. Yes, I suppose the title “Monsanto: My Arch Nemesis” was a tad provocative. Within 3 hours of posting, at least one representative of Monsanto had visited my backwater, podunk blog.

Don’t they have better things to do, like destroy the agriculture of third world countries or squash some U.S. food labeling legislation?

Following is the account of their visits; thanks to StatCounter for the fabulously detailed info:

  • Within 3 hours of going live, there was a visit from a BlackBerry in St. Louis, with an IP labeled “Monsanto”
  • 7:30 a.m. this morning, from a computer in St. Louis, IP labeled “Monsanto”
  • 9:11 a.m. from a computer in New York, IP labeled “Monsanto”
  • At 9:32 someone labeled as Husch and Eppenberger, shown coming from Plano, TX, but the link here shows them with an office in St. Louis
  • Then one more Monsanto visit at 10:16 a.m. this morning from St. Louis
  • The last relevant entry to date is from a business called Edelman PR, a public relations firm with a branch in Washington D.C.

You know, I am sure there are some wonderful people working directly and indirectly for Monsanto. It’s easy for the human brain to rationalize the body’s behavior, particularly when the idol of money is involved. I am speaking out, not unlike the Lorax, to protect seed diversity from genetic rape.

But I believe they can turn it around if they want to. I have some suggestions that might help, but I’ll have to save those for another time.

And to everyone who would LOVE to hit Monsanto in their pocketbook, I encourage those of you with Mutual Funds or 401K’s to do a little digging. Find out which companies are in those mutual funds. Pull your money out of funds which carry Monsanto. I did, and it feels good! And keep buying those heirloom seeds that haven’t had their genes raped. Say NO to Monsanto!