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Simple vs. Easy

When I say “simplicity”, I mean “a lack of complexity”. Though they are frequently used interchangeably, easy and simple are not the same thing. It is much more simple to pick a tomato from your yard or container garden than it is for tomatoes to be shipped from Mexico through a wide variety of middlemen. That complex and expensive process yields the lowest price to the actual farmers and laborers who do 99% of the work.

I know many people don’t feel they have time or energy to grow tomatoes. Between working, caring for families and the need to use entertainment as a foil to shake the stressful mess off, the prospect of eating a tomato from your yard does not appear to be easy.

I also see an element of faddishness in the “going green” movement, and I think an important aspect of “going green” includes realizing that “ease” and “convenience” are not the all-encompassing utopia that they have been made out to be. There are harmful impacts from all that easiness, not just on your planet, but on the humanity of your soul.

The simple way, though not easy, often helps one find a side of their own forgotten humanity. At least it works for me. It builds spiritual connection to all that exists.

  • Superhuman scale business ventures increase throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Archetype of strong American work ethic visibly decreasing over the years as “easy is better” becomes the norm.

Coincidence? Is it possible that “easiness” separates us from our own humanity? Do you ever feel like a domesticated pet, raised and cared for to be a good little consumer?


Cow Appreciation Day

On July 11, Chick Fil A is having a “Cow Appreciation Day” and they’ll be giving away a bunch of chicken to celebrate. If you dress fully like a cow, hooves and horns and all, you get a free meal; this is for ADULTS or KIDS. If you dress only partially like a cow, say, just a mask, you get an entree. We’ll discuss the fact that nothing is really free at a later time.

Here’s a fun and subtle joke if you’re a contrarian sort who wants to harass some poor Chick Fil A worker next Friday:

  • Dress all in brown (you are a Jersey cow, because as a contrarian, you wouldn’t dare to dress like the heavily propagandized Holstein).
  • Throw together some simple horns and hooves. Seriously, you can make these out of scrap paper or something, or wear some brown shoes. Now you are fully dressed as a cow.
  • If they question you (the lack of black and white could confuse them mightily) or say you are only “part cow” (and at this point you really have to be female for the punch line to be effective), tell them that udders are a major part of the costume, but for the sake of modesty and family values, they shall remain covered. If you get a sharp one who exclaims, “Hey, you’re a dairy cow, not a beef cow!” simply remind them that their award winning ad campaign uses dairy Holsteins. Then tell them to hand over the meal, or you’re going to send in PETA.
A Jersey cow

I would like to think that Chick Fil A is fulfilling their mission statement of being a “faithful steward to all that is entrusted to” them by using only pastured animals, but I’m pretty sure the superhuman scale of the whole operation would preclude such a thing. This is not to denigrate any faithful stewardship they actually are accomplishing.

On this Independence Day, instead of celebrating your country’s freedom by blowing up a small part of it, consider exercising your freedom of speech and go start a blog. It’s easy, fun, cathartic and you get to be part of the people’s revolution in self-publishing. Bye, bye, big media!